Procedures in a clean, safe environment.


Your pet is safe with us.

We understand that surgery can be a source of anxiety for you and your family. That’s why it’s important to trust the people who will be taking care of your pet. Our team is well-trained to ensure that the entire process is handled with compassion and the best care.

Before any procedure, we’ll be sure to make sure you have all of the information that you need. This includes instructions for the night before a procedure and the day-of schedule. Our state of the art operating room has equipment similar to what is used at human hospitals. A dedicated nurse will monitor your pet during the entire surgery to ensure safe anesthesia. We monitor your pet’s oxygen level, heart rate, EKG, temperature, CO2 level, and blood pressure. Once the surgery is over, a nurse will stay with your pet to ensure a smooth recovery and provide some TLC.

After the procedure, we’ll be sure to provide you the take-home instructions to make sure your pet heals properly. Please know that we’re just a call away if you have any questions at all.

Spay and Neuter

Spaying or Neutering is essential in controlling the pet population as well as reducing unwanted behaviors. Our goal is to not only spay or neuter your pet but have the process be as safe and comfortable for them as possible. We take several precautions to be sure that happens.

Spaying your female cat or dog will reduce problems such as pyometra (deadly infection of the uterus); breast tumors (benign or cancerous); pet overpopulation and massive euthanasia of unwanted strays.

Neutering your male cat or dog will reduce problems such as testicular cancer, some diseases of the prostate, unwanted behaviors such as dominance aggression, marking territory and wandering. Pets who wander are much more likely to get hit by a car.


Gastric Dilitation is a life-threatening condition in which the stomach fills with air and twists upon itself. GDV occurs most commonly occurs in large breed, deep-chested dogs, although all dogs are at risk. The procedure involves attaching the stomach to the body wall, thus preventing the twist.

Mass and Tumor Removals

Tumors can range from harmless growths to aggressive life-threatening lumps that seed cancer cells to other parts of the body. Depending on our tests, we’ll have a clear idea of how to proceed. Once we have the results, our options will include surgical removal, chemotherapy, or radiation treatment. Of these, surgical removal is by far the most widely performed and common in first opinion practice. Chemotherapy is also an option. Chemotherapy is the use of drugs or chemical agents to kill cancer. This treatment works by attacking rapidly growing cancerous cells in the body. Each individual chemotherapy drug works through different mechanisms and has different potential side effects. Chemotherapy is typically administered by injection into veins, under the skin, or into the tumor. Some chemotherapy is also given in pill form.

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